The Play Store on your tablet is finally getting a taste of Material You

Material You continues to roll out across Google services. The graphic style is coming to the Play Store app for tablets and Chromebooks.

The Google Play Store // Source: Frandroid

At its Google I/O conference last May, the web giant announced a major overhaul of the Play Store on devices with a large screen. A few weeks ago, the web version of Google’s application store completely changed its design to modernize. The Material You version of the Play Store is now also rolling out to Android tablets and Chromebooks. A change that took time to arrive since the application for smartphones was updated last October.

The Play Store changes its interface on tablets and Chromebooks

This is 9to5Google which informs us of this update, reminding that the interface of the application has been modified. In landscape mode, a navigation drawer replaces the bottom bar “, while the latter is kept in portrait mode.

Source: 9to5Google

With the Material You look, the search bar loses its angles to obtain a rounded shape on the ends. Also, “the dynamic color is applied to this field and to the highlight indicating the section you are viewing“. The English-language media notes that the color to indicate unsupported devices changes from green to blue.

Source: 9to5Google

This is just Material You’s first foray into the Play Store on tablets and Chromebooks, since you can’t find this design anywhere else in the app. But Google would be far from finished and we can expect a redesign of the display of application lists that will go further than the simple carousel, with more prominent visuals.9to5Googlefinally remarks thatthe look and feel is quite different from the recently revamped website“.

Material You continues to deploy, since it is accessible on Google Maps, on Gmail and even Google Photos.

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