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The range of your Tesla could be boosted by this start-up

EV Solar Kits is the name of a start-up that would like to help your Tesla. With a solar panel to be installed on the roof, it announces that it can significantly increase the autonomy of equipped vehicles: up to 96 km per day in addition.

Boost the autonomy of your Tesla every day thanks to the sun, this is what EV Solar Kits promises // Source: EV Solar Kits

5000 dollars for up to 96 km more per day. This is what EV Solar Kits would like to offer Tesla owners who want to improve the range of their vehicle. To do this, the young start-up based in Austin (Texas) is working on a roof solar panel that can be installed on the Model 3 and Model Y. The company is working in parallel on expandable trunk panels that can adapt to any electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle owners face many issues, from range fears to lifestyle aversion“, explains Steele Wasik, contacted by Futurism. “There are so many variables when it comes to electric vehicles. It’s a bit of the Wild West right now. I wanted to see if I could try to solve these problems with a product that can be bought after the factcontinues the co-founder of EV Solar Kits, from a line of designers: his father and grandfather were both design engineers at Cadillac.

A solar panel still under development

If Steele Wasik promises that the installation of his solar devices will not compromise the Tesla warranty, the interested party recognizes that his solar panel of roof is not yet ready for sale. For now, this product is being tested in the Austin area, with beta testers, but its design is not yet finalized. No photo of the panel is therefore shared at this stage.

Source: EV Solar Kits

In terms of financing, the situation of EV Solar Kits is also a bit unclear. The company is described as “pre seedby its co-founder. Understand that everything more or less remains to be done from a financial point of view. The start-up, however, plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of commercializing its rooftop solar panel. A campaign that could work: the email addresses of several thousand potential buyers have already been collected following the buzz generated by the project.

Note that the installation of solar panels on electric vehicles had already been mentioned several times… by Elon Musk. Last year again, the boss of Tesla had for example spoken of a possible electric van equipped with this technology.

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