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the rival of the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 that wants you to forget about SUVs

Hyundai has unveiled the official images of its Ioniq 6, the brand’s second electric sedan after the Ioniq Electric. A funny design that could unite as well as divide. The technical sheet is however not yet known.

Harm Lagaay would he come out of his retirement in 2004 to return to service at Hyundai? No, of course. But at the sight of the stern of this Hyundai Ioniq 6, the father of the Porsche 964 and especially 993 must probably find certain lines that are very familiar to him, as the stern of the Korean immediately evokes the generations of 911 most envied by collectors. The trunk spoiler in the shape of a “duck tail” also adds a layer. We grant you, the rapprochement stops here between the German sports coupe and the electric sedan. Hyundai finally releases the first official images of the new member of its Ioniq family, based on the modular E-GMP platform. While waiting for the large Ioniq SUV, here is the family sedan, which could appeal to those who are beginning to think that an SUV / Crossover has become too “mainstream” on the road. And since we are there, here is a term widely used by Hyundai’s design teams to talk about its creation: “streamliner”. For the uninitiated, this is an era of 1930s design where styling evoked speed and aerodynamics. Fluid, slender, low, the Ioniq 6 has all the characteristics of a streamliner.

Very far from an Ioniq 5

Imagined as a streamlined train, this Ioniq 6 does not (yet) communicate its SCx. Shame.©Hyundai

For once, a manufacturer did not use the “photocopier” to develop a range of vehicles. Usually, the models of the same family all look the same overall, for the sake of consistency and DNA. But here, it is clear that the Ioniq 5 and 6 do not have much in common apart from the famous “pixel” lights and, optionally, a black transverse strip at the front. For the rest, this amazing creation has a style all its own. Hyundai still announces a Cd of 0.21. A good value, even if not very representative since we would rather need the SCx to really know the aerodynamic qualities of the Ioniq 6.

Inside, the great fashion of the double panoramic screen recessed behind the steering wheel is applied to the letter, all encircled by ambient lighting in a row which bypasses the screens connected to the camera mirrors. In France, classic mirror mirrors will obviously be in the catalog. The most observant will have noted the absence of the Hyundai logo on the steering wheel, replaced by luminous “pixels” forming a bar giving information on the level of charge of the battery. Amazing.

But who could this Ioniq 6 be aimed at, the characteristics of which will be revealed in July? Long over 4.85 meters, this Ioniq 6 might not fit in all garages. Much bulkier than a BMW i4 or Tesla Model 3, its most direct rivals, it will have to be very convincing to seduce those allergic to SUVs, especially since it seems that this Ioniq 6 has a trunk instead. a much more practical tailgate. And in this regard, only the BMW i4 offers a hatchback. A huge asset for the German…

Published on 06/29/2022 Updated 06/29/2022



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