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the route planner, an essential tool?

If you have more than 500 km to travel by EV (electric vehicle), it is better to use a route planner on your smartphone which will guide you by finding the best route and available charging stations. An essential tool to avoid electrical failure? At Tesla as at other manufacturers, the car does this job…

On the market for route plannerswe are entering a new era of travel!

What to choose ? GPS is being phased out in favor of dedicated apps that make traveling by electric vehicle easier. “Yesterday’s world” to use the title of Stefan Zweig’s latest book is floundering. Manufacturers are thinking about equipping their own navigation system (roaming planner that takes into account the destination, charging rate and charging terminals) but they are not legion!

Tesla offers the most advanced planning system?

On theAudi Q4 e-tron or the Porsche Taycan, the navigation system allows you to view on a map in isodistance* and to display your time of arrival. In this market, You’re here is a special case. The manufacturer’s system includes a route calculation tool that relies on the American brand’s network of super-chargers.

Connected to the vehicle, it adjusts in real time according to the topography and the level of charge of the battery. There is even an option to preheat the battery before each stage to recharge as quickly as possible and waste as little time as possible…

Apps to the rescue

Today, embedded systems are rapidly showing their limits. This is why the owner of an EV increasingly downloads an app (HAS Better Route planner -ABRP-, Loadmapetc) and ends up with several top-up cards in his wallet!

Currently, no roaming planner can be completely accurate and precise in the route of your future journey. The apps cannot know your driving road behavior, traffic condition, upcoming weather condition, driving road condition, etc.

There are still many parameters to integrate that computer engineers have failed to develop. In a trip, there is always an element of adventure. To stay is to exist, to travel is to live said Hipollyte Taine, French philosopher of the 19e century.

Emile Borne

*The calculation of isochrones and of iso-distances makes it possible to calculate and visualize on a map all the geographical areas that can be reached, on foot or by vehicle, from a specific point in a lapse of time or for a determined distance.



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