The Sandbox x Time Square: a New York neighborhood enters the metaverse

New York in web version 3 – At the beginning of the month, The Sandbox has partnered with Ikonia to reconstruct New York’s Lafayette Street in the metaverse, with the iconic mural fresco of Andrea Pirlo. Today, The Sandbox concluded a new partnership. The goal? Create a neighborhood inspired by Times Square in a virtual land owned by TIME.

The Sandbox partners with TIMEPieces

TIMEPieces is the non-fungible token community initiative (NFT) associated with the American newspaper, TIME.

The Sandbox has just announced its partnership with TIMEPieces to develop “TIME Square”. It will be built on land in The Sandbox that is owned by TIME and will be able to accommodate metaverse users.

Furthermore, TIME Square will be directly inspired by the famous New York neighborhood of the quasi-homonymous name. This imprint will be found both for the proposed activities (commerce, art), and in the visual and dynamic spirit of the Metaversian district.

The next TIME Square in The Sandbox – Source: Twitter

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In addition, the president of TIME launched a call open to metaverse architects. It is then a question of create the virtual TIME Square that will retain the soul of Times Square.

“Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse. Since the launch of TIMEPieces in September 2021, we have focused on developing a web 3 community (…). We are excited to tap into this community now, as we search for the architect who can design Time Square in the metaverse (…). »

Keith A. Grossman, President of TIME

In The Sandbox press release, TIME Square is described as a environment who will be inclusive. It will then offer unique experiences to TIMEPieces holders. Thus, the TIMEPieces community will be able to benefit from access to exclusive eventssuch as screenings of TIME Studios projects, or participating in educational experiences.

These partnerships are desirable in that they enrich the metaverse from The Sandbox. As a reminder, last May, it was on the theme of music that The Sandbox concluded a partnership with the Jamiroquai group.

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