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the Sentinel mode is updated and finally allows you to monitor your car remotely

Tesla had promised this feature for a long time. It is now a reality. Indeed, the manufacturer has just updated the Sentinel mode, which welcomes a new function. Called Sentinel Mode Live Camera Access, it provides access to video feeds from your Tesla’s cameras to monitor it remotely on your smartphone.

Credits: Tesla

It was a long-standing promise from Elon Musk and Tesla. In 2020, the billionaire had promised that it will soon be possible to monitor his Tesla remotely via his smartphone. Only, the months have passed and the functionality was still waiting. However, the recent redesign of the Tesla mobile application has revived the debate on the subject, and a few days later the company confirmed the imminent arrival of monitoring via the smartphone this October 19, 2021.

Well, imagine that Tesla has started a new software update for its vehicles (version 2021.36.8). This patch notably includes a new feature accessible from Tesla’s mobile application. baptized “Sentinel Mode Live Camera Access”it allows, as its name suggests, to consult in real time the video feed of the Sentinel mode cameras from the app. The user is therefore able to monitor the surroundings of his vehicle from his smartphone.

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Tesla now offers H24 surveillance from its smartphone

Now you can remotely view the surroundings of your car when it is parked to confirm the safety of your surroundings before returning to your car. The live camera is end-to-end encrypted and Tesla cannot access it. To turn it on or off, tap Controls > Safety & Security”, explains Tesla in the patch notes.

For the time being, and as our colleagues from the specialized site Electrek specify, the functionality is only available on iOS devices that have the latest version of the Tesla application. In addition, it should be noted that this “Surveillance” mode will not be accessible for free. It will be necessary to take out a subscription to the Premium Connection, a formula which allows “to access all features connected via the cellular network, in addition to Wi-Fi”, billed at €9.99 per month.

Regarding the availability of the feature on the Android application, Tesla did not give information on this subject. We will obviously update this article as soon as we know more on the subject.



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