The Tesla Model 3 has been chosen as the new official police vehicle by a famous city!

Dallas County has authorized the purchase of three Tesla Model 3 vehicles for use by local police. This is the latest example of the growing popularity of electric vehicles with law enforcement.

Tesla vehicles have become the electric vehicle of choice for police departments around the world. Many of them have started adding Tesla Model 3s to their fleet, like the New York police recently.

Last year, the Y model began to gain momentum.

The Fremont Police Department and the Spokane Police Department have both purchased Model Ys for use as patrol vehicles, and the Boulder Police Department has also opted for the electric SUV.

Any type of use that requires significant mileage will greatly benefit from the fuel and maintenance savings that going electric provides. Police patrol vehicles correspond to this type of use.

Last week, Dallas County commissioners approved the purchase of three Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicles for use by local police.

They want to use them as police vehicles, but they haven’t had time to validate the Tesla Model 3 against their requirements. Fearing that the delay would get too big, they decided to buy the vehicles right away and put them in their reserve unit (via NBC):

A briefing note delivered to county commissioners states that “due to current semiconductor microchip and supply chain issues, the time it takes to determine if vehicles meet replacement criteria guidelines could potentially lead to the closure of manufacturers’ order banks”. The recommendation is to purchase all three Tesla Model 3 Performance EVs and place them in the CSA reserve unit.

Tesla has a growing backlog of orders for many vehicles and trims, but the Model 3 Performance is one of the few versions you can still get fairly quickly with a June-August delivery time listed for new orders.

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