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The Tesla Model 3 is no longer entitled to the €6,000 CO2 bonus

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Why does the Tesla Model 3 no longer benefit from the maximum electrical bonus? This is not discrimination of the American brand. No. It is simply the result of recent successive increases. Indeed, at the beginning of March, the Tesla Model 3 was still from €43,800. In 9 days, it rose to €44,990, just at the limit of the maximum bonus of €6,000 (€5,000 from July 1, 2022 normally).

Except that this night from March 10 to 11, 2022, the Model 3 has just taken 2,000 € and is now displayed from 46,990 €. The +€2,000 ultimately amount to a €6,000 increase since sold between €45,000 and €60,000, the Tesla will be entitled to a €2,000 bonus until June 31, 2022, then only €1,000 after July 1.

Nearly 20% increase in less than a month

For Tesla, this should cut the so-called windfall effect. This consists of registering a Model 3 in France by recovering the bonus. Then, 6 months later, to export an “almost new” car to a country without bonuses, in high demand for BEVs.

For French customers who really want a Model 3, the pain is therefore greatly increased. From €37,800 (bonus deducted) a few weeks ago, we have therefore risen to €44,990 to date, an increase of 19%!

Prices that vary enormously in Europe

Our Belgian neighbors are entitled to a Tesla Model 3 which starts at €50,990. €4,000 difference for crossing a border is enormous. It’s slightly cheaper in the Netherlands, at €49,980 starting price, but it’s still above prices in France.

In Germany, the Model 3 remains from €42,990, i.e. €4,000 less than in France, and €8,000 (!) less than in Belgium. It is even €9,000 less than in Italy or Luxembourg where Tesla’s 100% electric sedan is priced at €51,990 in base price. Rather substantial price differences a few hundred kilometers away.

With the loss of the maximum bonus, buying your Tesla in France becomes a little less interesting. The effect on sales should only be felt in a few months. Model 3 deliveries take almost a year. An order today March 11, 2022 gives a delivery date in February 2023!

to summarize

The Tesla Model 3 is no longer eligible for the maximum ecological bonus since last night. It is an additional cost of 6,000 € all the same!



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