The Tesla Model 3 used by the British police as part of an experiment

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While the National Gendarmerie has just acquired an Alpine A110, now the British police are switching to electric cars. According to our colleagues at Autocar, Tesla is currently working with UK police to deploy modified Tesla Model 3s. Some of them have already been put into service in 2021 in order to carry out tests.

The idea? Reduce the pollutant emissions emitted by police vehicles of course. British newspaper The Guardian interviewed Max Toozs-Hobson, director of emergency services at Tesla in the UK, who said the experiments had given “good results”. According to this leader, the Tesla Model 3 is capable of patrolling for four hours in “advanced driving conditions”.

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Adequate, but reduced autonomy

The greatest reluctance of the police services would concern the electric autonomy of the car. There is no question of running out of battery when you have to go on an intervention. Still according to The Guardian, there is nothing to worry about: the Tesla Model 3 would be able to travel around 320 kilometers – 200 miles – when used by a police patrol. Which is already much less than the classic autonomy of the car, usually between 448 and 614 kilometers depending on the model chosen.

More flashing lights on the roof?

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Tesla Model 3 | The photos of the British police car version

The Tesla Model 3 in police car version.Photo Credit – Tesla

The monitoring systems integrated into the electric sedan do not seem to reduce this autonomy. The automatic plate recognition that the vehicle performs “would only take a few kilometers off the car’s range”. The LED beacons could even “be on for days” before running out of battery. The bar of revolving lights fixed on the roof could however be integrated into the passenger compartment of the car in order to increase aerodynamics. There remains the question of recharging outside the Tesla superchargers, which will have to be carried out fairly quickly to avoid spacing out the patrols too much.

Also according to Autocar, the collaboration between Tesla and British law enforcement will continue in 2022. The latter would have in sight the objective of stopping the use of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030. that Tesla would also work with the Avon Fire Brigade, which it could equip with emergency vehicles. In France, the National Gendarmerie already owns electric cars, such as the Renault Zoé, while the National Police owns Volkswagen e-Golfs and Passat GTEs, particularly in Paris.

In short

Several police patrols in the United Kingdom have received Tesla Model 3s to participate in an experiment, before a more global deployment of the electric sedan within the forces of order and other emergency services. The results seem rather conclusive.

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