The top three metaverse projects to watch in 2022


This metaverse project made headlines when popular artists like Deadmau5 and others hosted events on the platform. Shortly after, it became known that people were selling virtual land for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the number of users exploded.

Decentraland has quickly become one of the leading metaverse projects, not only for investors looking to make a profit, but also for individual users looking to make a fortune. What makes the project so popular is that it is easily accessible to anyone and does not require any cryptocurrency or blockchain expertise.

This simplicity, coupled with the wide variety of activities you can explore, makes Decentraland the metaverse project to follow due to its enormous potential.

The Sandbox

It is similar to Decentraland, except its graphics are similar to the popular game Minecraft. It was also launched much earlier than Decentraland, in 2012, but only switched to blockchain in 2018. The project also migrated from Ethereum to polygon citing, among other reasons, the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Apart from that, The Sandbox also allows creating NFTs and trading them with other players on the platform. The average price of a Sandbox NFT is $24,000. You can also create games on the “plots” you buy, through which you can charge players and earn SAND tokens.

This platform is also very popular and accessible on both desktop and mobile, which makes it an interesting competitor to Decentraland.

Axie Infinity

This game has become so popular in 2021 that some players, especially in Asia, depend on it for their income. Basically, players raise Axes and trade or battle them against other Axies to earn NFTs to sell later.

Unfortunately, the platform was hacked in March 2022 and $620 million worth of crypto was lost. The game’s native token, the SLP, collapsed and the metaverse project experienced a player leak.

Sky Mavis, the developer, hopes to be able to turn around this misfortune, but it may take a long time to regain the trust of players. However, this may be the opportunity to invest in this project.

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