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The trampoline responsible for half of emergency admissions for children, an alert study

The trampoline is an activity that has been on the rise lately, especially among children. The only problem ? It would be the cause of many domestic accidents. Fractures, sprains, head injuries: in the United Kingdom, almost half of the admissions of children to emergencies are due to the trampoline.

A recent study warns of the dangerousness of the trampoline. Indeed, if with the beautiful days, this activity makes the happiness of the children, it would also be at the origin of many health problems such as fractures or even cranial traumatisms. Moreover, in the United Kingdom almost half of infant admissions are linked to somersaults.

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The trampoline, an activity more dangerous than it seems

If trampoline parks are more and more trendy, trampolining “is a potentially dangerous activity” warn researchers. Falls, poor landing, blows… It is not uncommon to fall badly and get hurt during a trampoline session. Moreover, accidents are more and more numerous. In the UK, they are responsible for half of emergency room admissions for children under 14. An alarming report recently published in Injury Prevention of the British Medical Journal.

Children who go to trampoline centers are twice as likely to have a fracture

To carry out this study, the researchers analyzed data from several studies conducted in different countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. To observe the risks of trampolines, experts are…

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