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the unusual places of the circuit of Monaco on Google Maps

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Monaco and F1 have a long common history. On May 21, 1950, it was the second event in the history of the Championship, just after Silverstone. The circuit has never disappeared since. With the exception of the years 1952, 1954, 1954 and… 2020 (due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

During its history, Monaco has been the scene of many exceptional moments. From the victory of Juan Manuel Fangio in 1950, to that of Sergio Pérez, passing among others by the successes of Senna, it is one of the jewels of F1. As the years go by, the events marking the races multiply. So much so that it is possible to find some of them on… Google Maps!

Indeed, nothing prevents who wishes to create a highlight on the Google software. And F1 fans are enjoying it.

Charles Leclerc, victim in Monaco

In Monaco, the favorite “victim” of these unusual places is Charles Leclerc. Since its arrival in the Queen category, in 2017, the Monegasque has only seen the arrival of his national Grand Prix… once, in 2022. He thus had mixed fortunes, signing pole position twice (in 2021 and 2022). Before experiencing an abandonment last year and a strategic error deprived him of a -probable- victory this year. And this abandonment of the past year has visibly marked the fans. On Google Maps, it is indeed possible to find a “Parking Charles Leclerc”, located at the exit of the Chicane de la Piscine (turn 14). However, this place is precisely where the Ferrari driver abandoned his single-seater in 2021, after a crash in qualifying.

An accident with serious consequences, since he encountered a gearbox problem the next day. What force him to abandon. An episode listed on Google Maps thanks to the place “Leclerc’s gearbox”. As a tribute to this piece that broke a little too soon.

,Other unusual places of F1 in Monaco The last unusual place linked to Charles Leclerc in Monaco is even more unusual. It concerns the accident that the Monegasque experienced at La Rascasse (antepenultimate corner of the circuit), in mid-May. The driver was indeed driving a 1974 Ferrari of Niki Lauda. Losing the brakes, he had ended up in the wall, damaging the rear wing. A moment to find on Google Maps, under the name of “Lauda’s rear wing, powered by Leclerc”.

Among the other unusual places, one could find a few years ago the “Bad pit-stop of Daniel Ricciardo”. Reference to the pit stop that caused the Australian to lose the Monaco GP in 2016. Application users can also add items to the map. So don’t hesitate to have fun. Between the crash of Verstappen in 2015, that of Wehrlein in 2017 or the traffic jam in qualifying in 2022, there is plenty to do.

to summarize

On Google Maps, users can add places. Here is a small anthology of those dedicated to F1, on the Monaco circuit. And the local stage, Charles Leclerc, is the subject of a special cult on the map.



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