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The Volkswagen ID electric sedan. Aero wants to beat the Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen’s first electric sedan will simply seek to beat the current market benchmark for zero-emission cars, the Tesla Model 3.

For several years, Volkswagen has been investing heavily in the development of 100% electric models. The German manufacturer even hopes to become the world leader among electric car manufacturers by the middle of the decade. But for that, it will have to considerably increase the level of its sales and complete a range which currently only includes the compact iD.3, the family SUV ID.4 and its “coupé” version ID.5 as well as the van ID. buzz.

The future ID. Aero, expected for the year 2023, should allow Volkswagen to significantly increase these sales. It is indeed a family sedan, a type of body still very popular in China and the United States. While waiting for the presentation of a concept car close to the final model on June 27, the German manufacturer is unveiling a first sketch of this future electric sedan.

Better than the Passat?

The Volkswagen ID. Aero will be based on the same platform as the other models in the ID range and could reach 700 kilometers of autonomy in its peak version. It remains to be seen what Volkswagen will do with its Passat, currently at the end of its career. A priori, a new generation of the model is also planned alongside the ID Aero.



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