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The withdrawal of Elon Musk divides the American political class

There were mixed reactions to Friday’s announcement of Elon Musk’s withdrawal from the deal to buy Twitter. As often, the actions of the billionaire divide, in particular the American political world.

“The Twitter deal is dead, long live Truth,” wrote Donald Trump on the homonymous social network, the former Republican president’s digital voice since his ejection from Twitter in January 2021. Elon Musk had also mentioned in May the lifting of this ban, generally considering a much less strict moderation on the influential social network, which had made its desire for redemption attractive to part of the American right.

“A welcome respite”

Conversely, the prospect of a takeover of Twitter by this entrepreneur with libertarian tendencies had alarmed some on the left, where we rejoice today at an aborted project while remaining cautious for the future. It is “a welcome respite for women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ + community”, reacted the feminist organization UltraViolet, which feared that a Twitter under the control of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX “liberates a wave of hatred.

This saga shows that “our information ecosystem, its security, and democracy, must not remain within the reach of the whims of billionaires who are not accountable to anyone,” said Nicole Gill, executive director of Accountable Tech. This association, which campaigns to hold large digital companies accountable, launched an initiative with others in early June to block the operation. Together, they “had shown that Elon Musk, by buying Twitter, only wanted to defend his right-wing ideology”, for his part added UltraViolet.

And it is indeed a certain disappointment that now seems to affect the Trump camp. “I’m pretty sure that the censorship that [Twitter] practiced, whatever it is, will be multiplied by ten, ”wrote Donald Trump Jr., the son, on the Truth network launched by his father. “There is no chance of having freedom of thought or expression there now,” he added.

“The party is well and truly over. The purge is coming »

“It was the last chance to save something good from the nightmare” of the GAFA, for his part wrote the conservative political observer Dave Rubin, on Twitter. “The party is well and truly over. The purge is coming”. Another Twitter critic says the billionaire’s removal is ‘not a surprise’, but ‘musk must be given credit for exposing yet another incurable, rotten culture of political discrimination’ within the company , wrote Jason Miller, former adviser to Donald Trump and founder of another ultra-conservative social network, Gettr.



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