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the words to talk about it

ATH (all time high). The highest level of all time. “Bitcoin reached a new ATH in November 2021.”

Altcoins. Alternative to bitcoin. It is therefore all other cryptocurrencies. “Altcoins have been hot for a few weeks. »

DCA (dollar cost averaging). Strategy consisting of gradually entering a value through regular investments. Individuals have therefore been making DCA on their life insurance for decades without knowing it. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts use the same strategy to smooth their buying price on bitcoin. “DCA is the best strategy for investing in bitcoin for the long term. »

Fiat. Fiat currencies issued by a central bank such as the dollar or the euro. “I sold my bitcoins for fiats. »

FOMO (fear of missing out). Fear of missing out on an opportunity. The investor suffering from FOMO therefore tends to buy impulsively when the price of a crypto soars, for fear of missing the rise, without being interested in the reality of the market. “FOMO is my worst enemy. »

pump and dump. Market manipulation consisting in raising the price of a value pump“pump”) by spreading false information before selling everything (dump“drop”) when the price is at its highest, which has the effect of causing it to collapse.

Whale (” whale “). Nickname given to very large holders of a cryptocurrency, whose orders can influence the market in one direction or the other. “An ethereum whale just invested two million dollars on the dash. »

Shitcoin. Cryptocurrency created without a specific purpose, not based on a serious project. Sometimes it’s a joke. “Dogecoin is a shitcoin. »

To the Moon. Expression used when a cryptocurrency literally flies away “until the moon”. “Bitcoin to the Moon? »



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