The world takes on the color of Google Chrome in just 10 years

PARIS, April 25 (Benin News / EP) –

Google Chrome leads at present the global browser market with a penetration of 64%, a different situation from ten years ago, when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) held the top spot with just over 30%.

What was the world’s leading browser in April 2012, Internet Explorer (30.8%), no longer exists, replaced by Edge, also from Microsoft, whose Legacy version holds 0.17% of the global browser market in April 2022 .

Firefox, whose penetration rate was 22.5% ten years ago, is currently at 3.4%, while. Apple’s Safari browser is in second place with 19.17%, against 8.72% in April 2012.

These data, provided by StatCounter, highlight the growth of Google’s Chrome browser, which in ten years has gone from from second place, with 28.24% of the global market, to first place, with 64.26%..

Visually, Chrome’s growth is undeniable. The map created by The World Maps site from data from StatCounter currently shows a green world, that both portals used to identify Google’s browser. Greenland, however, seems to prefer Safari.

Ten years ago, the map was more colorful, and showed a preference in the United States and Canada for Internet Explorer, a South America mainly adept at Chrome, as well as Spain, although in Europe it coexists with Firefox and IE, with a hint of Opera.

Africa appears in March 2012 full of colors (Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox), as was Asia (IE was the leader in China, also in the Middle East), and in Oceania, Australia was also predominantly blue, due to Microsoft’s defunct browser.

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