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there will be an anti Tesla Model Y SUV

The Neue Klasse project features a sedan and a sporty SUV. First launch scheduled for 2025, but a taste will be given as early as 2023.

Electricity, do you want it, here it is at BMW. The brand continues the launches. Each new model has its 100% electric version. This is the case for the X1 and Series 7 this year, it will be for the next Series 5, launched in 2023. For the Series 3, the strategy will be different. There is an electric version of the current G20, but it was designed for China. Europeans will have to wait for the next step, with an unreleased model, separate from the 3 Series, known as the Neue Klasse project.

This project should mark the beginning of a new era for BMW electrics. Even for the brand in general. Oliver Zipse, boss of the German group, has bluntly said that he sees the Neue Klasse as “a complete reset of the car and our understanding of mobility”.

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The brand had already announced a sedan the size of the 3 Series, ready for 2025. Oliver Zipse indicated during the presentation of the latest BMW financial results that there will also be a sporty SUV. BMW will therefore not be content to put spokes in the wheels of the Tesla Model 3, it will also attack the Model Y. Proof that these vehicles are very important, the boss thinks that the Neue Klasse models will represent more half of BMW sales by the end of the decade!

These vehicles will be hyper-connected and will allow BMW to take a new step in autonomous driving. Particular attention will also be paid to durability, particularly in the choice of materials. The approach was announced by the i Vision Circular concept. Hydrogen versions are also already under study.

Oliver Zipse has already indicated that BMW will give a taste of the first Neue Klasse at the next Munich Motor Show in September 2023.



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