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This European country has just banned all public use of Google products. Will France follow?

News hardware This European country has just banned all public use of Google products. Will France follow?

Not always very clear in the processing of personal data, Google is subject to numerous sanctions within the European Union. Thus, after Austria and France, which have already taken measures against Google Analytics, Denmark has just struck a blow by purely and simply banning all Google products from its administrations. Explanations.

Google Analytics at the heart of tensions with the European Union

It all started last January when the
austrian data protection authority
purely and simply considered illegal Google Analytics.

As a reminder, Google Analytics is a “free” web site audience analysis service, used by more than 10 million sites according to Google, which represents roughly 80% of global internet usage.

So far, no problem in appearance, except that in practice, each time a person goes to a site controlled by Google Analytics, Google is then able to track and determine where the visitor comes from using their IP address, in order then to offer him a whole bunch of “services”, understand by this the famous “targeted advertisements”. Big Brother is watching you!

Beyond the fact that this is not very moral, it goes above all against many rules in force in several countries, in Austria therefore, but also in France with the General Regulations on Data Protection, the famous GDPR. Only a few weeks after Austria, France took a similar decision and in turn declared Google Analytics illegal!

Denmark bans Google from public administration

If since then, all the countries of the European Union are studying the possibility of taking joint action, Italy has already followed the movement, but a country has decided to go much further in its sanctions against the giant Google, it is Denmark.

It all started in the small town of Helsingør, located at the eastern end of the country, just opposite Sweden, where the Danish data protection agency observed for several weeks the use of Chromebook devices as well as Google Workspace in schools in the city. The agency then realized thata certain amount of data could be collected by Google and sent directly to the United States.

Following this discovery, the Danish authorities then took a radical decision, all Google products are banned in all jurisdictions nationwide with immediate effectwith a deadline of Wednesday August 3 to comply with the new regulations, under penalty of penalties of up to 6 months in prison… We don’t mess around with personal data in Denmark!

This should especially give ideas to other countries, until Google gets in tune with European laws. To this end, a transatlantic agreement is still on track and awaiting finalization, but it may still take some time.



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