This Google app is doing a lot of damage to your smartphone’s battery

News hardware This Google app is doing a lot of damage to your smartphone’s battery

If you use Google Messages daily, beware: a recently detected bug in the application tends to drain the battery of your Android smartphone. There is a trick to avoid this problem.

Google Messages is an application available on Android: it supports the sending of SMS, MMS or even RCS. Some manufacturers use it by default, while others offer their own application. In this case, the user remains free to use Google Messages instead, and this is often the case due to its convenience.

Only, a bug detected last week by some users, especially on Reddit, puts the finger on a rather unpleasant malfunction of Google Messages.

Is your smartphone overheating? Google Messages may be responsible

Here is the problem : when you open Google Messages, the application activates the smartphone’s camera, and leaves this feature on in the background. This has the consequence of very quickly reduce the autonomy of the terminalin addition to contributing to heat the battery unnecessarily.

To eliminate the problem, the recommended solution is therefore to prevent Google Message from accessing the photo function of the phone. It is possible to deactivate this possibility in Settings > Application management. Choose Messages, then go to Permission > Camera to remove the permission.

Google is already rolling out a fix

This solution can save your smartphone battery while avoiding having to switch from Messages to another application. It is only temporary, since Google has already indicated that it is aware of the problem, and is in the process of deploying a patch to fix it.

The Mountain View company did not specify when the patch will be available to everyone or the version of Google Messages that corresponds to the corrected one. For now, the latest version of the application available on the Play Store dates from April 4, which suggests that we will have to wait a little longer before this problem is finally resolved.

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