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this is what its future outdoor cinema could look like

Tesla recently filed plans for the construction of a Supercharger in the parking lot of an American diner equipped with an open-air cinema (drive-in). An American architect has just created 3D plans to give a better idea of ​​the final result.

From the start of the roll-out of Superchargers, Tesla has always tried to locate them in locations that allow the time needed to charge the car to be taken advantage of. Thus, they are found in hotel-restaurants, in commercial areas or also in service areas on the highway. The American manufacturer wants to go even further since it has applied for a building permit for a Supercharger with a large dinner (traditional American restaurant) and an open-air cinema (drive in).

34 charging stations and two cinema screens

The building permit (responding to the name of ” Supercharger Diner & Drive-In“) allows you to learn a little more about the project. This plans to integrate 29 ultra-fast charging stations in the heart of Hollywood, on Santa Monica Boulevard. If the project comes to an end, there would also be five slower charging stations (Tesla Destination Charger) as well as… two open-air cinema screens!

Tesla’s idea is to project short films of about 30 minutes, to try to be in line with the duration of a load or a meal on the spot. The two screens will of course be visible from the passenger compartment of the cars in charge, but also from the roof terrace of the restaurant.

Ed Howard, an American architect who has good 3D rendering skills has just published on his Twitter account a series of synthetic images based on the plans filed by Tesla. Enough to project yourself a little more into this extraordinary project, like Elon Musk, the boss of the brand. The American architect took the opportunity to insert a few easter eggslike the humanoid robot Optimus or the Roadster in space projected on the cinema screen.

It only remains to hope that the project is accepted by the town hall of Los Angeles before seeing this strange Supercharger arrive on American roads.

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