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this sign that you can spot during the meal

Early detection of ovarian cancer can lead to better chances of survival. Some telltale signs could be seen at meals, experts say.

In France, almost 3,500 people die each year from ovarian cancer. A number that could probably be adjusted down thanks to early detection. The time has therefore come to know exactly the most important signs of this cancer in order to improve its chances of survival.

As experts from Harvard Medical School remind us, this disease, described as “the silent killer”, is nicknamed as it is because of the time it takes to be diagnosed. The most obvious symptoms often occur when it is too late.

But according to these scientists, a warning symptom could be noticed at meals. “Some women may notice a loss of appetite or an inability to finish their meals,” said Dr. Stephanie Ooi, while adding that they may also experience abdominal bloating or a strong feeling of fullness.

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Sudden weight loss?

Sudden, unexplained weight loss is also considered a red flag. Parallel to this, pain in the back or abdomen, or pain during intercourse, can also be early indicators. “Having any of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you have ovarian cancer, but you should talk to a doctor if you are concerned”she added.

As a reminder, surgery and drug treatments (conventional chemotherapy and/or targeted therapies) are the main treatments for ovarian cancer. They are used alone or connected to each other.

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