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This Tesla fan traveled 3 million kilometers without paying anything

A Youtuber is determined to travel the 3 million kilometers offered by Tesla before they expire… that is 80 times around the Earth.

Image credits: Andy Slye / Youtube

Andy Slye is a Tesla fan who has his YouTube channel, where he makes videos about the brand’s cars. His fans and followers were so receptive to his promotion of electric cars that many of them became his godchildren through Tesla’s referral program.

Tesla fan holds the world record for sponsorships

As a reward, Tesla offers sponsors free charging kilometers at its charging stations. This is how Andy Slye accumulated, get this, two million free recharge miles, i.e. 3,219,000 kilometers. Or, to give a more telling idea, more than 80 times around the Earth… or 10 times the Earth-Moon distance! This number is so high that Andy Slye thinks he holds the world record for the number of referrals sponsored under the free recharge program.

Only here, now that he has these millions of free miles to spend, Tesla’s Referral Program Has Just Been Stopped. This year, the electric vehicle manufacturer is receiving almost more orders than it can absorb, and its demand for vehicles has skyrocketed. Tesla even increased the price of its best-selling car models for the second time.

To spend it all, the Youtuber would have to circle the Earth 80 times in 2 years with his Tesla

Andy Slye’s challenge is simple: manage to use these millions of free recharge miles before their expiry date, in May 2023, which would be a truly epic feat. Because if he managed to spend them all in a little less than two years, he would then also become the record holder for the greatest number of kilometers traveled in a Tesla over a given period. The Youtuber explained to his fans in a recent video (below) how he planned to do it.

The fan modestly began his challenge with, “ the longest road trip he’s ever taken with his Tesla Model 3 “, he says in his video, starting from Louisville in Kentucky, in the center of the United States, to go to Maine, on the East coast of the United States. A journey of 4,000 kilometers round trip… that he will have to repeat 800 times to hope to spend all his miles before the deadline!

Impossible that he manages to win his challenge since it should, according to our calculations, travel almost 6,000 km per day, every day, until May 2023. We still wish him good luck… and to remain careful on the road, especially if he relies on the autonomous driving that Elon Musk greatly oversold at the last Tesla shareholders’ meeting.

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Source: Andy Slye/Youtube



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