Thomas Tuchel’s sad truths about Chelsea’s summer transfer window

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Chelsea are at a turning point in their history. Arrived on the roof of Europe during the reign of Roman Abramovich, the London club is preparing to say goodbye to the Russian magnate, forced to clear out of Stamford Bridge since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Result: the English government has put the Blues under glass. Deprived of financial resources and prohibited from recruiting, Chelsea must manage a very complicated period, while the summer transfer window is looming on the horizon. Asked at a press conference, Thomas Tuchel confirmed that things were difficult internally.

“You’re never quite sure, but we would have had goals and we would, for sure, have contacted some players and looked into their situation. Now our hands are tied, we can still have discussions within the club, but we cannot act. The situation is not ideal. It would already be difficult with a stable situation. We don’t have that, so everyone is facing that, as far as I know, for the first time”he said, before continuing.

“We try to be ready behind the scenes so that if we get the green light to act, we’re ready. At the moment, it is very difficult to predict what will happen. (…) I would be less worried if we still had the same owner, if we could count on our structure. It can be quite difficult if you lose a player like Toni (Rüdiger, announced at Real Madrid, editor’s note), and perhaps another player like Andreas (Christensen, leaving for FC Barcelona, ​​editor’s note). And both are free. »

Tuchel confirms that he remains

Losing executives without receiving a penny while not being allowed to recruit: Chelsea’s situation will quickly become untenable. Especially since its competitors are already active behind the scenes like Manchester City, which would be well on its way to welcoming a certain Erling Haaland. “We wanted to be competitive, but you can see we can’t compete for the long term. (…) The main thing is that we at least keep this mentality within the club, this competitive mentality that has been instilled for more than a decade. It’s a little worrying and I hope we can get together.”.

The picture is not encouraging, but Thomas Tuchel concluded his speech by discussing his future. While the Times cast serious doubt on the future of the German (whose contract runs until June 2024) yesterday, the latter made it clear that he was planning to put on his Blues tracksuit for the resumption of the 2022 season /2023. “Next season, life will go on whether we like it or not, whether we are happy or not. From preseason, we will do our best and I will be fully involved with all my heart. » It’s always a win for Chelsea!

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