Tony Chapron knocks out Djamel Belmadi

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In recent days, coach Djamel Belmadi has been in turmoil after incredible statements about Bakary Gassama, referee of Algeria’s match against Cameroon last March. Statements which had also provoked the anger of the Cameroonian federation chaired by Samuel Eto’o who published an incendiary press release in recent hours. And this time, it’s the turn of former Ligue 1 referee Tony Chapron to attack Belmadi violently.

At the microphone of Channel+, the former referee returned to the shocking words of Belmadi and did not mince his words at all. “It’s an insult, what he says is extremely serious. I think he should be suspended for quite a while. We are clearly faced with a call for violence. I am appalled by such comments. If the Algerians don’t go to the World Cup, they can only blame themselves. When you score a goal in the 118th minute in a play-off and end up losing, ask yourself questions. They are responsible for their elimination, not the referee. I find that outrageous. As I often say: “Champions find solutions, mediocre ones find excuses”. Belmadi is mediocre.” That is clear.

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