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Tsunoda crash, the safety car restarts everything

50/70: Lots of pit stops

Ocon, Alonso, Bottas, Zhou, Ricciardo…

49/70: Light crash by Tsunoda, safety car

Sainz took the opportunity to go to the pits! Everything is still possible in this Grand Prix, even if the stop is long on the side of Ferrari. Sainz comes out 2nd with new tyres.

48/70: Leclerc now 8th

The Monegasque overtook Ricciardo, Tsunoda. Zhou and Stroll stopped. He should be able to go to the end of the Grand Prix now.

47/70: Best lap for Verstappen

He comes back strong on Sainz, 8.7 seconds.

46/70: Save for Russell

Leaders mostly make two saves. But not Sainz, still alone in the lead.

44/70: Verstappen passes Hamilton

The Dutchman sets off again in pursuit of Sainz, 10 seconds ahead. Hamilton stops.

43/70: Verstappen stops again!

The leader complained about his tires, here he is in the pits, forced to change strategy. He comes out with hard tires and in 3rd position, just behind Hamilton.

43/70: Leclerc stops… But it’s too long

After 43 laps, Leclerc stops but remains immobilized for more than 5 seconds. He comes out 12th, behind the Zhou, Tsunoda, Ricciardo peloton. Bad operation for Ferrari.

Schumacher explains his abandonment at the microphone of Canal +

“We had a small problem with the car which forced us to stop to try to protect what we have left. We had problems with the whole team already in Baku, we have to move forward and keep the positive. This weekend we learned that our car is solid in the rain.”

39/70: Gasly and Latifi in the pits

Second stop for the Frenchman.

37/70: Plan D for Leclerc

His engineer suggests plan D, Leclerc replies: “As you wish, I won’t be able to overtake him.”

36/70: Leclerc still stuck behind Ocon

Always half a second between the two, Leclerc is blocked in his ascent.

34/70: Verstappen loses grip

He complains on the radio. His tires aren’t that old though. He still has more than 8 seconds ahead of Sainz, so no panic.

31/70: Leclerc in the Ocon exhausts

There is a half second difference between the two drivers, and Leclerc has the DRS, but he still does not manage to overtake.

29/70: Leclerc lacks grip

He complains about the lack of grip when exiting corners. His tires are starting to struggle.

29/70: Alonso returns to the pits

The Spaniard lost almost 2 seconds per lap, he stopped and came out 7th, behind Ocon and Leclerc.

27/70: Leclerc hunts Ocon

The Monegasque is on hard tires and is betting on a long first stint.

23/70: Leclerc now 7th

With the mechanical problems and the pit stops, Leclerc moved up to 7th, but he hasn’t stopped yet.

22/70: Alonso again 2nd

But the Spaniard has not pitted yet, while the other top 6 drivers have stopped.

20/70: Sainz pits too

The race leader finally decides to change his tyres. A stop of 3.1 seconds, he comes out 3rd, just ahead of Hamilton, as the virtual safety car has retired.

20/70: Bad save for Norris

His tires weren’t ready, it took a long time.

20/70: Russell stops, Schumacher retires

Mechanical problem for Mick Schumacher, Russell took the opportunity to stop. The race leaders were unable to return to the pits.

19/70: We stay on plan A for Sainz

He will go until the halfway mark before switching to the hard tyres. Albon returned to the pits.

17/70: It’s a fight between Bottas and Albon

Leclerc is stuck behind this duo for now.

15/70: Verstappen overtakes Alonso

The Dutchman is on new tyres, untouchable. He took 2nd place and was now chasing Sainz, who was less than 6 seconds ahead.

14/70: Leclerc passes Norris, he is 12th

The Monegasque is making a good comeback. He gained 7 places in just 14 laps. He is in a peloton with Bottas and Albon in his sights.

12/70: Hamilton passes Ocon

The Frenchman does what he can and resists braking but then gets caught on the outside. On new tyres, Hamilton had a clear advantage. The Briton is 5th.

11/70: Alonso asks Ocon to slow down Hamilton

On the radio, the Spaniard asks where Hamilton came out. “Behind Esteban” replies his engineer. “You know what you have to do,” says Alonso. Implied: Ocon must try to keep Hamilton behind him as long as possible.

10/70: End of the virtual safety car

The race resumes. Sainz is now the leader.


During the virtual safety car, the leader goes into the pits. Sainz remains on the track. Verstappen leaves 3rd, Hamilton 6th.

9/70: Yellow flag

Prohibition to overtake following the abandonment of Perez. The Mexican’s car must be withdrawn from the circuit.


He explains that he lost the engine and was stuck in 3rd gear. The Mexican must stop on the edge of the track. Abandonment.

8/70: Magnussen changes his fin

A stoppage of more than 17 seconds.

7/70: Surprising pit stop by Gasly

The Frenchman braked very late and slipped into the pit lane, but it’s unclear whether he did so on purpose or was forced to do so after a missed braking.

6/70: Magnussen will have to stop

One end of his wing is about to come off, so race management asks the Danish driver to stop. For the moment, he does not fit in spite of everything.

6/70: Gasly and Vettel already in the pits

Early stops for both drivers.

5/70: Russell gets the better of Magnussen

The Briton went on the inside under braking and took 5th place, behind his teammate Hamilton.

5/70: Alonso keeps in touch with Sainz

The Alpine driver does not let himself get off the hook, while Sainz is not coming back to Verstappen for the moment.

4/70: Trouble for Magnussen

After a small contact with Hamilton at the start, Magnussen has a small problem on his front wing. Ocon worries about it on the radio and assures that the piece of carbon could fly away.

3/70: Sainz passes Alonso!

A Spaniard overtakes another. The Ferrari driver is now 2.4 seconds behind Verstappen and will try to catch up.

2/70: Verstappen creates a hole, Leclerc 17th

The race leader took a 1.6 second lead over Alonso. Leclerc moved up to 17th and gained 2 places from the start.

1/70: Ocon and Russell gain places

Both drivers passed Mick Schumacher. Perez also gained two places in the second part of the peloton, while Bottas missed himself and hit a cardboard panel.

1/70: Let’s go to Montreal

It’s a fight from the first corner between Alonso and Sainz, and between Hamilton and Magnussen. But the places remain the same in the top 5.

Hamilton, 6 times winner in Montreal

Since 2010, only 3 drivers have challenged the Briton’s domination: Vettel twice, Ricciardo and Button.

Let’s go for the formation lap

Everyone in the wake of Verstappen.

70 laps to cover in Montreal

We get back to the starting grid, a few minutes before the lights go out.

Full stands, perfect weather

The weather is much milder than yesterday during qualifying. The sun is out and the stands are full.

Alonso in the front line, the event

The Spaniard had not started from the front row since 2012 and the German GP.

Start of the Grand Prix at 8 p.m.

Unlike yesterday during qualifying, there should be no rain on the program this Sunday.

Leclerc at the back of the grid

After his mechanical problems in Barcelona and Baku, Charles Leclerc will benefit this Sunday from new elements in his engine. Changes which however earned him to be relayed at the bottom of the grid. He will start 19th, ahead of Tsunoda.

Verstappen on pole, Alonso surprises

Max Verstappen dominated qualifying on Saturday night on a wet track and took pole position. He is ahead of Fernando Alonso, surprising 2nd. The Haas also performed very well: Magnussen will start 5th, Schumacher 6th.



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