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Turn the frunk of your Tesla Model Y into a cooler with these bags

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To face the summer, your Tesla Model Y could well become the coolest cooler on the campsite with this accessory.

Depending on the configurations and levels of achievement, the electric car has the advantage of freeing up space under the bonnet. Tesla was the first to exploit this volume with the large frunk of the Model S. Useful in addition to the trunk, it can also be an everyday ally with a few accessories, such as these coolers for Tesla Model Y.

Unlike Ford who took direct advantage of the housing (before being drained thanks to the plug provided), this cooler is flexible. Offered by Tesloid, the equipment is made up of two bags and has been custom-made to fit the frunk of the Tesla Model Y, with a total volume of 79 l.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y, the ally of the summer

On the left is an isothermal bag which is nothing more than a flexible cooler, which can accommodate blocks of ice to keep food cool. On the right is a pantry for products that do not need to be cooled, but essential for all summer aperitifs.

This cooler has the disadvantage of not being electrically connected to a 12 V socket. But frees up the volume of the boot and makes perfect use of the curves of the frunk. The set is priced at $119.99 on Tesloid’s online store, with international shipping.



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