Two Tesla on the podium of the best-selling cars in Europe in March!

New car sales in Europe are falling again and again. But the electrics save the furniture and Tesla is in great shape.

Yes, we already know that new car registrations fell by around 20% last month in Europe, unheard of since the data was compiled. You know the causes: semiconductor crisis, war in Ukraine, etc. But obviously, not all models are in the same boat. And you can imagine that, driven by favorable legislation, electrified vehicles have progressed. Together, zero-emission models and plug-in hybrids have, with 244,801 units sold (+10%), even surpassed diesel fuel cars: 202,113 registrations (-39%). Tesla, in particular, did very well.

Arrival in a rush of the Tesla Model Y

We are almost no longer surprised to find the Model 3 at the top of sales, it happens frequently today. On the other hand, where it was thought that the outperformance of the all-new Model Y in the United Kingdom was at least confined to this country, now the “small” American SUV is in 3rd position overall in all of Europe! 70% of the 32,652 Model Ys registered since the start of the year were registered in March alone. For a career start, it’s even a hell of a career start, but it remains to be seen if he will go the distance and if he is not just taking advantage of the novelty effect.

All other models, including Model 3, are in decline. One exception, however, and it is not an electric vehicle, the Dacia Sandero is the only model in the top 10 to have progressed from one year to the next. Admittedly, the Romanian is still very recent since the current generation started their careers at the start of 2021, but their great success shows above all that Europeans are looking to take care of their budget.

Top 10 most popular vehicles in March 2022

  • 1) Tesla Model 3: 23,013, -3% vs March 2021
  • 2) Peugeot 208: 21,026, -17%
  • 3) Tesla Model Y: 18,968.-
  • 4) Volkswagen Golf: 16,784, -36%
  • 5) Dacia Sandero: 16,778, +12%
  • 6) Citroën C3: 16,697, -22%
  • 7) Fiat/Abarth 500: 16,120, -21%
  • 8) Ford Puma: 15,937, -10%
  • 9) Toyota Yaris: 15,910, -31%
  • 10) Opel/Vauxhall Corsa: 15,824, -36%
Published on 04/29/2022 Updated 04/29/2022

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