Ukraine now accepts donations from… NFT

It is the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation that takes care of receiving digital donations.

For two months, Ukraine has been facing a Russian invasion of its territory. To face the enemy forces and finance the purchase of arms and ammunition, the Ukrainian authorities accept all the donations offered to them: cryptocurrencies, equipment, real money… This Wednesday, the Deputy Prime Minister and Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, announced via a tweet that his country would now accept donations in … NFT.

Through Ukraine’s official crypto fund, “Aid for Ukraine“, those who wish can donate cryptocurrency or NFT. Since the launch of the platform, it would have allowed the government to collect nearly 60 million dollars.

“The new big update from @_AidForUkraine. We added NFT section: now you can donate or buy NFT. All funds, as always, will contribute to the Ukrainian victory. On your marks, get set, NFT!”launches the Minister on Twitter.

With the money collected, the government aims to buy weapons, but also medical equipment, medical kits, and other essential elements to continue the defense of the country. For example, in April, Ukrainian expenditure for this type of equipment amounted to 45 million dollars.

The fund therefore makes it possible to offer NFTs, but also to buy them. They come from collections such as CryptoPunks, mfers, MoonCats, CREYZIES… The auctions are currently in Ethereum and reach, for some tokens, a hundred ETH.

Clearly, Ukraine is relying heavily on NFTs to win this war. In March, Mykhailo Fedorov had already indicated that the country would use NFTs to pay its soldiers. A virtual NFT gallery has notably been put online to preserve “the memory of the war”.

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