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USA: 40,000 Tesla recalled for a problem related to the electric power steering

The US Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) reported in a document dated November 1 and published on Tuesday about a possible failure of the electric power steering system, especially when cars drive over bumps or bumps.

Reduced or no power steering does not affect steering control, but may require greater steering effort from the driver, especially at low speeds“, NHTSA notes.

A software update installed on the affected models — Model S and Model X built between 2017 and 2021 — is required to fix the problem. This is done externally and free of charge.

According to Tesla, 97% of affected vehicles had already received such an update as of November 1st.

On the same date, the group was led by Elon Musk identified 314 affected cars but said it was unaware of any accidents, injuries or deaths caused by the defect.

Tesla has already issued several recalls in the US this year to remotely modify potentially problematic software.

Thus, at the end of September, the company recalled more than one million vehicles due to the risk of entrapment associated with its electric window protection.



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