USDC, ETH, USDT lead the most bought tokens, APE slips to 10th place

    • USDC, ETH and USDT lead the top 10 tokens bought by the top 2000 ETH whales.
    • APE manages to secure 10th place on the list.
    • Other players on the list are Lido Staked ETH, wrapped BTC, SAND, compound Ether, True USD and MANA.
The HODlers continue to accumulate stablecoinswhile USDC and USDT remain unchanged in their position in the top 5 of the list for weeks, according to the analytical tracker of the largest ETH whales.

Interestingly, USDC has an average purchase amount of over 119 thousand dollars and an average token amount of almost the same amount. On the other hand, USDT is trailing tens of thousands with an average purchase of over $42,000. Just like the particular USDC averages, the average amount of tokens of Tether is also $42,000.

It is important to note that stablecoins are popular among conservative investors who dislike the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Meanwhile, ETH also appears to be unhindered by investors continuing to invest in crypto. ETH is behind the USDC leader with a gap of just over a thousand dollars in the average purchase amount. Ethereum Seeks to Eclipse Crypto King Bitcoin once it has started its fusion.

Although several factors explain why holders continue to accumulate a lot of ETH, it is no secret that the Ethereum Merger and its impending effects on the entire blockchain ecosystem have an influence on this aspect.

ApeCoin has been in the headlines for the past few days – from simply taking advantage of its position in the green market, and its price reaching an all-time high (ATH), to diving after a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Instagram and Discord hack.

Regardless of these developments, the community continues to trust the token. According to WhaleStats, APE has an average purchase amount of $1,731 and an average token quantity of 97.

As of this writing, APE appears to have recovered from its plunge and is now up 4.4% at $18.93. He is now flirting with its $19.46 ATH.

The top 10 tokens bought by Whalestats 2000 largest ETH whales also include Lido Staked ETH, wrapped BTC, SAND, compound Ether, True USD and MANA.


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