Use less fuel with Google Maps

Do you want to reduce your fuel consumption? Google Maps has the solution, thanks to a whole new option.

At the moment, the price of fuel is still very high, even higher than a few weeks ago, we don’t tell you anything. And like many motorists, you are very likely to suffer from this price increase, especially if you drive a lot or if you have to go to your place of work every day. And for good reason, with the rise in the price of petrol and diesel, more than €200 are spent per month by the French on average. An exorbitant amount, which forces many to cut back on their shopping or on their hobbies. But is it possible to reduce fuel consumption by taking another route to get to the office? It would seem so, while Google rightly pondered the question. The Californian firm has just announced the launch of a new feature on Google Maps.

Consume less fuel thanks to an optimized route

It was during its annual conference, held a few days ago at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, that Google made this announcement. That of a brand new feature, which will allow users to save fuel. A desire of the American company, while its CEO, Sundar Pichai says he also wanted to reduce polluting emissions from cars. Climate change is no longer a distant threat. Hence the need to implement solutions to meet this challenge”.

Already available at UNITED STATES, so this new option will soon arrive in Europe, probably as a result of an upcoming update. It will then allow you to choose which type of route to take, depending on whether you want to arrive faster or use less fuel.

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