Vaccination schedule: what changes for me?

Vaccination schedule: what will change for me?
Take stock with your doctor to check that you are up to date with vaccination reminders. © Adobe stock

The vaccination schedule has just been adjusted for both children and adults. What are the changes. Are you concerned?

Are you exposed to the pig and avian virus?

This is one of the novelties of the new vaccination calendar. Vaccination against seasonal influenza is now recommended for professionals exposed to porcine and avian viruses. This measure aimsprevent the transmission of human viruses to animalsand not a personal protective measure against zoonotic viruses”

Under 40 and not vaccinated against measles?

Measles is not just a childhood disease. In 2018, 58% of people affected by measles were over 15 years old. Measles is a highly contagious disease sinceone person can infect 20 others. Vaccination or booster vaccination against measles is open to all persons under 40 years of age.

HPV vaccine for people under 26

Be vaccinated against the papillomavirus (HPV) prevents many diseases : cancer of the uterus in girls but also condyloma, kinds of very contagious small warts. That’s why since January 2021 it is recommended to vaccinate boys of 11 years against HPV. The vaccine is already recommended for girls from the same age.

Pregnant woman and whooping cough

From now on, vaccination against whooping cough is strongly recommended for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy. The goal is to protect the future baby. Indeed, more than 90% of pertussis deaths occur in newborns and infants under six months.

New vaccine for babies

Babies from the age of 2 months receive a new vaccine, that against meningococcal B. Until now, only certain populations at risk were vaccinated. This vaccine protects against meningococcal meningitis, lightning disease which affects young children, teenagers and adults alike.

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