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VIDEO – Drop everything and go camping in a Tesla Cybertruck

Camping fan or not, would the idea of ​​going out into nature in this fully equipped Tesla Cybertruck appeal to you? Ah yes, it will still be necessary to plan a good budget and find something to recharge it…

Tesla fans are still holding their breath waiting for the arrival of the definitive version of the Cybertruck, this 100% electric pickup with a design that is simply out of the ordinary. It will finally be for 2023 in the United States but in Europe, we still do not know if the machine will manage to be approved.

And Space Camper does not even wait for the presentation of the definitive Cybertruck to unveil its system designed especially for the Tesla pickup. Specializing in camping facilities, the company has developed a compartment that perfectly matches the shapes of the Cybertruck, allowing up to 2.4 meters of space to be freed up in the dumpster. A compartment comprising a double bed but also a kitchen area, a water heater or even a small lounge area.

$24,000 anyway

Count all the same 24,000 dollars for the complete Space Camper kit, (a little over 22,400 euros) which will naturally be added to the price of the Tesla Cybertruck. And don’t forget that you will still have to find something to recharge the vehicle if you decide to go into the wilderness.



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