VIDEO – The Tesla Cybertruck spotted for the first time on the test track

Delayed for more than two years, the release of the Tesla Cybertruck could well be soon. Witness this video of the 100% American electric pickup on a test track.

The Tesla Cybertruck is getting closer and closer to mass production. Precisely, the electric pickup was recently spotted on a track. The track in question is the proving ground at Tesla’s Fremont factory. Filmed at this time, the Tesla pickup is seen with production side mirrors as well as a huge single wiper on the side of the windshield. The vehicle is also devoid of its aerodynamic hubcaps. Another change from the original concept shape, this production (or pre-production) model adopts more rounded edges in order to meet pedestrian safety requirements. The SUV appears to be rolling down the track at a fairly consistent speed, which would be in line with Tesla’s original goal of making the Cybertruck a performance pickup comparable to some sports cars.

However, after being repeatedly delayed, the Cybertruck is now expected to enter production by the end of 2023. While the initial launch was scheduled for 2021, one wonders if Tesla will not arrive too late on the electric pickup market already well occupied by the F-150 Lightning, Hummer EV and Rivian R1T.

Better than the others?

The original Cybertruck promised quite attractive features, but since its announcement, other impressive vehicles such as the aforementioned pickups are already on the market or will be very soon. A fortiori before Tesla. Many of these trucks offer almost identical performance, decent if not better range, which could hurt Tesla. Case to follow during its official presentation.

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