VIDEO – this clash between a jet and a Tesla will amaze you

During an exclusive show, a Tesla Model Y is going to do some damage. At low speed, the owner decided to maneuver his car from a distance without realizing the prospect.

A video that makes you want to be careful! It is an event that presents the latest private jets on the market.

To guarantee the surprise, a Tesla Model Y was present near a $3 million toy.

Imagine yourself at the Paris Air Show or at the AFFAF exhibition, you are watching the planes when suddenly an unmanned vehicle advances until it causes a collision.

It’s just aluminum

This unmanned function is very practical, for example in car parks. You know when you need to get someone out of the vehicle before you park.
This choice, which can be dangerous, is no longer necessary with this technology.

Indeed, you can simply stand in front of the location and complete the last few meters outside your vehicle with your family.

Let’s say that the opportunity to carry out a clash in the same way is rather rare.

With more than 200,000 reactions on social networks, the buzz is at least assured.

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