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Vodafone Chooses Google Cloud for AI and ML at Scale

Led by its global big data and AI business as part of Vodafone Commercial, AI Booster uses Google technology to enable next-generation AI use cases, such as optimizing customer experiences, customer loyalty and product recommendations.

“To maximize business value at pace and scale, our vision was to enable the rapid creation and horizontal/vertical scaling of use cases in an automated and standardized manner,” said Cornelia Schaurecker, Director group leader for Big Data and AI at Vodafone.

To do this, 18 months ago, we set out to build a next-generation AI/ML platform based on new google technology, some of which hadn’t even been announced yet. Today, we’re really proud that AI Booster is really taking off and has entered service in nearly double the markets we originally anticipated. »


Vodafone has moved its data into a single ‘source of truth’ on Google Cloud, extracting more value from its data and dramatically increasing efficiency, reducing data costs and improving data quality . This has enabled use cases that drive business value using analytics and data science.

The next phase was to build an industrial-scale ML capable of processing thousands of machine learning models per day in more than 18 countries, while streamlining data science processes and keeping pace with technology growth.

“As a technology platform, we take great pride in building a cutting-edge MLOps platform based on Google Cloud’s best-in-class architecture with built-in automation, scalability, and security. The result is that we deliver more value from data science, while integrating reliability engineering principles,” added Ashish Vijayvargia, Head of Analytics Products at Vodafone.

Powered by Google’s AI Vertex – technology that enables customers to build, deploy and scale ml models faster, with pre-trained and custom tools within a unified platform – Vodafone’s AI Booster is a fully managed cloud-native platform that integrates with Vodafone’s Neuron Platform, an ocean of data built on Google Cloud.

“Our overall vision was a single ml platform as a service that scales horizontally (business use cases across all markets) and vertically (from PoC to production). For this, we needed innovative solutions to make it technically and commercially feasible,” said Sebastian Mathalikunnel, AI Booster Product Manager at Vodafone.

According to Mathalikunnel, this includes:

  • automated ML lifecycle compliance activities (drift/tilt detection, explainability, auditability, etc.) through reusable pipelines, containers, and managed services.

  • built-in security by design.

  • Take advantage of Google’s native ML tools using BQML, AutoML, Vertex AI and more.

  • Accelerated adoption through standardized and integrated ML models.

“The partnership between Google and Vodafone continues to grow stronger, and together we are accelerating the digital future and finding new ways to keep people connected,” said James Ma, Technical Account Manager, Telco, EMEA, Google Cloud, in a blog post.



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