Waldemar Kita dismantles the takeover project carried by Mickaël Landreau

Patron of FC Nantes since 2007, Waldemar Kita is not what one can call an owner loved by yellow-and-green supporters. Conspired, the businessman is often entitled to a warm welcome at La Beaujoire on match days. And recently, a recovery project led by Mickaël Landreau, among others, was strongly supported by many Canary lovers. But for Kita, this project is not serious.

What’s next after this ad

“I have already answered several times. If anyone feels they can carry the club financially and secure and are better, no problem I’m open. I am open to all proposals, but it must be serious. We don’t sell or buy the club through the media. This is not serious. I’m not here to discuss the price. If we want to talk about it, it’s around a table like a real business leader. Some things go too far. Mr. Landreau came to my office 7 years ago. He wanted to be deputy president of the club and fire everyone including my son. I told him no and 15 days later he was coach of Lorient. What did my son do wrong? He surely has a higher level than this kind of characters. It’s not serious Mr Landreau”he said at the microphone of RMC Sports.

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