Waldemar Kita (Nantes): “We have to step up”

“How do you appreciate this title in the Coupe de France?
It is a great gift for the club, the city, the fans. When you see this atmosphere at the Stade de France, it’s magnificent. We only ask one thing: to start over.

What did you think about at the final whistle?
I don’t know what I thought, I was very happy, quite stressed in the last ten minutes. But we remained very solid, very well organized. We felt the desire to win this Cup, the positive state of mind developed over several months, with very well brought up and hardworking boys.

Which players impressed you?
All. Ten out of ten. I am not objective. But there was the will, the solidarity.

“It gives me a certain satisfaction, that of showing that hard work pays off at one time or another”

On a personal level, what does this title represent?
It gives me a certain satisfaction, that of showing that hard work pays off at one time or another.

It’s a rather unexpected reward, when you remember that Nantes was on the edge of the L2 a year ago…
The seasons are not alike. We put in place resources, men, we had retained (Alban) Lafont, we had not let go of (Ludovic) Blas, nor (Moses) Simon, nor (Andrei) Girotto, courted by clubs from the countries of the Gulf and one in Brazil. We have improved contracts, with 3.5 million euros more for the payroll. We followed the philosophy of the staff.

“Kombouare? Today, there is nothing to say, it is normal for everyone to ask questions.

How do you envision the future, with the Europa League in addition?
We will take a step back, see how we can organize ourselves. It’s another dimension. We will try to retain all the players, it will not be easy. We have to discuss with the coach. We have to step up, it’s an obligation.

Nantes supporters at the Stade de France. (P. Lahalle/The Team)

Will you try to extend it?
I told you, we’ll see about that, there are ten to fifteen days left. Out of delicacy, I will first speak to the person concerned.


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