Watches and cryptos? Watches World offers the ultimate investment plan

Over the years, and the growing credibility of decentralized digital players, the intricacies between blockchain technologies and the world of luxury are growing. As protocols improve, the most capitalized cryptocurrencies tend to become real stores of value. Enormous capital has thus been redeployed and secured, but the quest for diversification never ceases for anyone wishing to increase and protect their wealth. Thus, some luxury players are opening up to the crypto ecosystem with a view to bringing together an often historical and traditional industry with the cream of hi-tech innovation. This is the case, for example, of Watches World, which now accepts payments in crypto. A fad ? Nothing is less sure.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Watches World.

An activity in full mutation, supported by enthusiasts

Until 2019, the watch industry experienced a golden age. An exponential progression turning its back on the financial crisis of 2007-2008. This has allowed the major players in the sector to consolidate their domination and conquer new horizons. Indeed, unlike jewelry, a small number of brands have a huge market share. A bit like in crypto, Giants monopolize most of the capital. Small projects are doomed to struggle to survive.

A small number of brands monopolize the first places of sales

The COVID crisis going through this in 2020, the entire sector will experience a regression of around 25%, and see the emergence of new practices. Thus, the retailers who were at the heart of the system are gradually being deprived of a significant part of their clientele. The world of clocks, so traditional and unchanging, is recovering from the shocks of the pandemic by embracing new ways of doing business.

Watches World, between tradition and innovation

The company plays on all fronts. With 9 physical points of sale spread over 4 continents, Watches World is keen to maintain a strong direct relationship with its VIP clientele. A personalized and deliberately elitist approach that the “ultra luxury” fringe of the business cannot do without. Magnificent showrooms for an exceptional experience. A website on the way to becoming the reference in the sector completes the commercial structure. And so that all investor profiles find what suits them, payment in crypto is possible.

Even the most prestigious models are accessible in crypto thanks to Utrust, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, avalanche and many others
Watches World accepts many cryptos

A necessary adaptation as the momentum can seem destabilizing, between geopolitical, economic, health and environmental crises. Yet it is a phenomenon of catalysis that analysts rather consider. Indeed, in troubled times, human beings will instinctively seek to rely on values ​​of constancy and durability. And the passion for watchmaking having never wavered, true artisanal watches will continue to be sold and exchanged.

“Consumers love watches. Watches are here to last. Even the younger generation loves watches. They love tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability. For brands, it is therefore a question of creating, innovating and launching their products in a different way.”

Francois-Henry Bennahmias, Chief Executive, Audemars Piguet

A 50 billion market that nobody talks about

And if production is organically down, it is the second-hand market that announces future records. This is why Watches World has already made the necessary adjustments. The conclusion is quite striking:

  • Antique watches are non-fungible valuables (does NFT speak to you?). Value is derived from many factors. Usefulness, prestige, quality, history, and sometimes in some cases, state guarantee (Switzerland not to mention it.)
  • For a long time, the secondary market was only a niche market. In question, the strong fragmentation of sellers / buyers, geography and physical location. A combination of technological advances (Internet, payment methods, etc.), strong demand and new buyers (eg China) are behind the take-off that can be seen lately.
  • Thus, the secondary market for watches today represents 20 billion dollars against 50 billion for the primary market. However, only 5 billion are made “online”.
The Watches World site hopes to change the situation in terms of internet sales in order to breathe new life into the market for second-hand luxury watches.
Online sales still represent only 5% of the secondary market

Watches World is well aware of the obstacles that hinder the development of the online watch market: the necessary trust, the need to verify watches and validate sellers, payment by escrow (facilitated by the use of cryptocurrencies) and after-sales solutions. An observation that has strongly guided the commercial strategy of the company.

Indeed, all watches sold or bought by WW are carefully examined by a certified watchmaker and, if necessary, serviced before being presented. The customer service, professional and competent, is present at all stages of the process to support you in your choices. Each coin is then securely shipped via one of the company’s trusted couriers, including Brinks, and received between 3 and 5 days after the transaction. And of course, crypto payments add a layer of security and traceability.

Diversification is the holy grail that the informed investor constantly seeks. By combining the tradition of an age-old craft and the most cutting-edge high-tech innovations, Watches World reveals two unalterable stores of value: the blockchain and time. Who said only diamonds are forever?

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