We can finally remove diet, parenting and seduction ads from Google!

Google announces that from now on, you have the power to block advertisements concerning pregnancy and parenthood, dating or even weight loss. It’s not too early, thank you!

Soon to be totally free from the ads that are beyond us? Not quite, but things are progressing. In December 2020, YouTube already allowed to control ads on sensitive topics such as weight loss, dating or even pregnancy and parenthood.

Good news : this feature is now possible starting today on the Google Display Network. It is added to the already existing options such as “Mute this ad” (hide this ad) which already allowed each Internet user to target the advertisements he wanted to see or not.

An additional step has just been introduced thanks to this new feature: now you can control your ad experience even better. Do not panic, this option is reversible. If you change your mind, you can change your settings so that you see those annoying ads again.

How to block these ads on Google?

It’s very simple: you can access this function in the “Ads settings” of your Google account. Just scroll down to “sensitive ad category”.

From there, you can check the “see less” button next to the categories that you no longer want to see invading you on Google. If you feel like it, you can again “allow” the categories you have restricted in the past.

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Of course, do not expect a miracle: some of the newly added categories might be harder to ignore than others. While themes like gambling and alcohol probably don’t make a ton of appearances in mainstream ads, you will certainly not be spared by a chewing gum advertisement featuring people in a relationship or even an advertisement for razors evoking the idea of ​​parenthood.

But you will no longer receive advertising campaigns for, for example, a dating application or even for a brand of diapers for children.

Let’s take back control of our advertising experience!

According to Karin Hennessy, Group Product Manager for Advertising Privacy, who spoke in a press release, Google seeks to give people “more control over their advertising experience”. And this improvement is far from over:

“We will continue to listen to user feedback and explore categories to expand this feature to in the future. »

This type of progress is beneficial for everyone, whether for Google or its users. From now on, you have a hand in choosing to see fewer ads that might make you feel uncomfortable — and advertisers can better target a receptive audience. Because they also find their account there, of course…

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