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Amateur robber.

Judged responsible for the evils (financial at least) gnawing at the Girondins de Bordeaux for almost a year, Gérard Lopez wanted to answer the questions this Tuesday evening at the microphone of RMC Sport and in the columns of The Team. An established mastery of communication, but a final balance sheet that is still meager.

“The club has been relegated, we must do everything to regain its place, not in Ligue 2, but in Ligue 1. We have to go step by step, meet the demands of the DNCG” started the Hispano-Luxembourger in The Team. Invited to summarize his more than mixed passage at the head of the FCGB, the interested party continued: “Since we took over the club, we have nevertheless reduced the losses, lowered the wage bill. We cleaned it up a lot. Investors did not expect such a violent sanction. » Because the ax of the DNCG, which fell last week and temporarily sent the club to N1, due to serious debts, is a difficult equation to solve.

And it was at RMC that Lopez was responsible for giving an element of “answer”: “Are the Girondins in Ligue 2? Actually, no. Do the Girondins believe in it? Clearly, yes. We have to work to be there. I who work there every day, I tell you that I will be there 100%. Now there are 22 million left to find. It always happens like that with the DNCG. All clubs sell, and what is needed is to give a guarantee on sales. And that’s where the biggest difference was. » No certainty for the club in summary.

Always cause, the people of Bordeaux will say.


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