What are the key differences between PowerPoint and Google Slides

PowerPoint vs Google Slides: the main differences

Many companies are called upon to lead presentations, whether it is to take stock of a year of activity or to introduce a new product to an audience. The use of business presentation software makes it possible to optimize this moment, by scrolling through slides containing important information: figures, photos, etc.

PowerPoint, a tool created by Microsoft, has been supporting professionals for many years now, but it has seen a serious competitor emerge and overshadow it: Google Slides. To help you make your choice for your future business animation, here are the main differences between PowerPoint and Google Slides.

PowerPoint vs. Google Slides: which one to choose?

In order to help you choose between PPT and Gslides, here is a presentation of the two tools and their main differences.

Getting started

Google Slides is the first cloud-based slideshow maker app. Its handling is simple, you just need to be connected to the Internet to create a Google account. For its part, PowerPoint has two versions: a “desktop” and a “web”. The web version of the slideshow creator was created to counter the development of Google Slides, but you should know that the desktop version is more complete and offers many more possibilities in terms of options for presentations.

One of the advantages of PowerPoint software is that its desktop version allows use at any time without being connected to the Internet. Conversely, Google Slides is dependent on a good internet connection to function properly. This can make the use of the tool difficult, as in transport for example.

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Google being a cloud-based application makes it very easy for different users to work on the same file, make live improvements while sharing feedback. The tool automatically saves the different versions and it is very easy to access them to compare.

On the PowerPoint side, collaborative work on the web version includes preliminary steps such as uploading a copy to OneDrive, sharing links by e-mail or even setting up SharePoint sites, etc. For the desktop version, collaboration requires each team member to have PowerPoint 2010 or later.

Templates and features

The use of templates and various features is a determining factor in the choice of using PowerPoint or Google Slides.

PowerPoint provides a large library of editable templates. It is therefore quite simple for companies to find one or more models that correspond to their expectations for the creation of their slideshows. Google Slides also provides several templates, but the variety is not as great as with PPT.

Regarding special effects, 3D content and animations, both tools allow you to use them, but it is clear that the desktop version of PowerPoint is much richer in possibilities than Google Slides. Graphics are more advanced with PPT.

Also, the processing and editing of photos is much more developed at PowerPoint. If photo editing is possible with both tools, the possibilities offered by PPT allow you to create more upscale Slides.


PowerPoint vs. Google Slides: which tool to choose? Both have their advantages, but for the creation of slideshows using advanced technologies and for a more professional rendering, it is advisable to turn to the latest desktop version of PowerPoint.

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