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what conclusions can we draw?

An owner takes stock after driving his Tesla Model X for 320,000 km.

Electric cars are still relatively unknown to the general public. One of the big questions we can ask ourselves is about battery life. And the first data that we have come across for a few years dispel the fear linked to the lifespan of the electric car. Indeed, it is not uncommon to come across cars whose mileage exceeds 300,000 km as is the case today.

320,000 km and still 90% battery

In a video posted on the YouTube channel Out of Specs Reviews, you can watch the testimony of a Model X owner whose odometer shows more than 320,000 km. A distance covered in less than five years since the car was bought new in 2017. The car would be mainly recharged on the network of Tesla Superchargers if we are to believe the owner. And despite all this, the car still has around 90% of its original range.

In other words, the battery would have lost only 10% of its capacity in 5 years and 320,000 km. While knowing that ultra-fast charging is notorious for not being kind to aging batteriessince the heat released during recharging can reduce the capacity of the cells more quickly.

The battery would never have been replaced, and the man would have only done some minor maintenance worksuch as a change of suspensions, body work or changing tires.

A Tesla totaling more than 650,000 km

In the comments of the video, we can see some who announced that they had Teslas totaling even more kilometers. In 2020, the site Electrek had bought a Model X adding more than 650,000 km to study it. The car had required $29,000 in costs over 5 years, including a battery change at 570,000 km, covered by the Tesla warranty.

All these “practical cases” make it possible to partially verify the data from Tesla, which announces a very low degradation of the battery with time and kilometers traveled. In short: the electric car is made to last, and it is not the battery that should pose any particular problems, except in rare special cases.

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