what do we know about the new BA.2.12.1 variant of Omicron, detected in 14 countries?

more contagious

According to the Associated Press, this new subvariant has been detected in at least 13 other countries. Among these countries, the United States is the most affected. Scientists ensure that BA.2.12.1 spreads even faster than BA.2, which is now the majority in France. What to worry about a possible new epidemic wave.

Eli Rosenberg of the New York Department of Health says Covid-19 cases are rising sharply where the new subvariant is advancing, such as in central New York. It suggests that this variant takes precedence over all other variants. Epidemiologists assure that this pattern will likely repeat itself nationwide in the coming months.

Hospitalizations to watch

The biggest question remains whether this sub-variant of Omicron causes more severe forms of the disease or not, which would have an impact on hospitalizations and deaths. For now, the number of hospitalizations in New York State (817 on March 29 to 1,588 on April 26) is increasing less rapidly than during the spring 2020 wave. We will have to wait for the hospitalization data published. next week to learn more about the dangerousness of BA.2.12.1.

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