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what is Apple proposing to challenge Google Maps?

It has been present in iPhones for 10 years but users often prefer its competitors Google Maps or Waze. Apple Maps isn’t Apple’s most popular app. Launched in 2018, it has always lived in the shadow of its main rivals before undergoing a major overhaul in 2018. Noting its failure, Apple has set out to implement its own mapping system roads and buildings in order to offer a user experience more in line with its standards. Apple organized its traditional WWDC conference on Monday June 6 in California. The brand took the opportunity to announce the arrival of the new version of the application in France this fall.

France is one of the last countries not to have received the Apple Maps update. Already available in the United States and several of our European neighbors, the new version of the application offers more accurate maps thanks to the company’s efforts to map the world. Apple says it has already traveled more than 6 million miles to rebuild its map. The brand is currently reviewing the main French cities to represent all the buildings in 3D. We can also cross his cars in the South for a few days. They will be in Lille, Paris and Lyon at the end of July and in the northern half at the beginning of August.

Even if there is still a long way to go before catching up with Google Maps, and its 60 million kilometers covered on the surface of the globe, the new Apple Maps considerably increases its capabilities. The look-around function will, for example, allow you to see what a place looks like from your home thanks to 360 degree panoramas allowing you to explore cities in a more immersive way than on a traditional two-dimensional map. Apple is inspired here by the concept of Google Street View, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary recently.

The new Apple Maps will also improve the navigation for cars. While speed limits on French roads appeared in the app a few days ago, this fall’s update will allow you to plan routes and program up to 15 stops, as on the Mappy website. For electric vehicles, the app will tell the battery charge level and compatible terminals along a route.

Bike Navigation and Augmented Reality for Pedestrians

For cyclists, navigation by bike is also on the program. Apple comes here to fill a blind spot in its service against competing applications, many on Android and iOS. The American company says it has collected its own data to offer the best routes on cycle paths by displaying the elevation differences and the roads shared with pedestrians or cars. The application will also take into account local particularities, such as the state of the roads and the cities which authorize the circulation of bicycles in the wrong direction on certain axes.

A better route for pedestrians is also in the pipes, with the use of the augmented reality to find your way around town, inside airports or shopping centres. The app will also share real-time public transport information to find out about traffic disruptions and the price of travel tickets. The purchase of tickets via the iPhone is not planned before next year, however. Android smartphones will be able to take advantage of it this summer.

Through these changes, Apple is raising the quality of its service to levels more in line with its usual standards. The brand hopes this will be enough to convince iPhone users to favor its own application. But there is still a long way to go before catching up with Google, which claims a billion followers in more than 200 countries for its Google Maps service, which has offered most of these functions for several years.

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