What is in the last message left by the creator of bitcoin (BTC)

On April 26, 2022, it has been 11 years since Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), disappeared leaving a final message. Since then, this person, group of people or entity has never been heard from again, leaving a legacy that has revolutionized finance as we know it and the world view of thousands of people who use his invention today.

Satoshi’s Last Post

Satoshi Nakamoto’s last public message was shared on the BitcoinTalk forum on December 12, 2010, but on April 26, 2011, the inventor sent the last known email to Gavin Andresen, one of the developers who collaborated on the project at that time and who spoke frequently with Satoshi.

According to the archives of Andresen presented in the report “The Last Days of Satoshi”, Satoshi emailed his friend Andresen. In the content, he stated that he would not like to be seen as a “mysterious shadow figure”. Furthermore, he urged Andresen to avoid portraying him as a ” be mysterious to the media if they end up taking an interest in bitcoin (BTC).

At the time the letter was written, Andresen was the spokesperson for Bitcoin (BTC). He was much more visible and known than Satoshi. “The press turns bitcoin (BTC) into a pirate cryptocurrency. Instead, try to explain that it is a open-source project and give more credit to contributors; It helps motivate them.” wrote Satoshi.

Invited to make a presentation to the CIA

After his last message, Satoshi did not immediately disappear. He gave Andresen a crypto key to receive security alerts linked to BTC. In response to this message, Andresen informed Satoshi that he had been invited by the CIA to speak at a conference on new technologies. The next day, it was June 2011, Andresen left a message on BitcoinTalk in which he informed the community that he would be doing a presentation on bitcoin at CIA headquartersacknowledging that it would trigger not just one, but several conspiracy theories.

“I accepted an invitation to speak [devant la CIA] because the fact that I was invited means Bitcoin is already on their radar, and I think it would be a good opportunity to explain why I think Bitcoin will make the world a better place,” he wrote to justify himself.

He added : “I think the goal of this project is to create a better currency, to create a more competitive and efficient international payment system, and to give people more control over their finances. And I don’t think those goals are incompatible with those of the government.”

However, Gavin acknowledged that he fears the CIA might do something with this information that doesn’t agree with the community.“I think that by accepting their invitation and being open to what bitcoin actually isthey won’t see it as a threat,”did he declare.

In the last message he sent to his friend Andresen Gavin, Satoshi Nakamoto invited him to present BTC as a revolutionary cryptocurrency, not a pirate cryptocurrency as the media thought at the time. Now that the world’s perception has changed about this digital asset, will Satoshi make a comeback?

Source: Criptonoticas

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