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What is Polium One? This new game console dedicated to NFTs and cryptocurrencies

News hardware What is Polium One? This new game console dedicated to NFTs and cryptocurrencies

After the next gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series), are we witnessing a new next gen? The Polium One boasts of being the first console of the future by integrating web3 features such as NFT and in-game cryptocurrencies.

The Polium One first NFT console

Polium, a brand still in its infancy, sports a logo that brings back memories as it looks just like Nintendo’s GameCube logo. On June 26, the young company with the dubious logo announced on its recent Twitter account that it wanted to release the first web3 console in the world by 2025: The Polium One.

This console aims to integrate “Web3 gaming” and “multi-chain” functionalities into its system. Behind its marketing terms, it is concretely a question of releasing a console intended for NFTs and the metaverse which would be powered by blockchain technology (an innovation behind cryptocurrencies).

“Polium is building the world’s first multi-channel game console. The console will be built by the community. It will be able to run games built on different blockchains. Users will be able to play games on ImmutableX, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, EOS, Wax and Harmony without having to switch networks,” explains Polium on Medium.

With this in mind, the console should integrate a Marketplace and crypto wallets comprising several blockchains in order to be able to exchange NFTs directly on the machine. In short, the Polium One, if released one day, will allow its users to play web3 games in 4K or even 8k HDR and resell the cosmetics earned in these games for cryptocurrency.

This is what is more commonly called a console dedicated to “play-to-earn” (playing to earn money).

The era of play-to-earn, the new next gen?

This term has recently appeared in the gaming world following the highlighting of certain games offering rewards in NFT or cryptocurrency. The concept, to the tunes of Steven Spielberg’s film, Ready Player One, is often singled out, however, the idea is not totally new…

Indeed, if you are a Counter Strike player, you have surely already carried out transactions on skins, but these cosmetics do not belong to you since it is the platform which is the sole owner. Here, the NFT technology simply makes it possible to certify the ownership of players holding a reward obtained in game. Thus, as the owner, you can resell or store the cosmetic outside the game unlike a FUT card on Fifa or another Fortnite skin.

Although the concept of play-to-earn is very real and currently in the development phase by several big names in the industry like Ubisoft or Epic Games, many are wary of the launch of this famous Polium One.

An NFT = a free console?

Since its announcement, Polium has not only gained followers… The web3 console project has caused several media to cringe, suspecting Polium One of being yet another NFT-related scam.

Polium wants to sell a collection of 10,000 “playable retro robots” in NFT in order to finance the development of the game console. A kickstarter 2.0…

Also, the holders of these NFTs will be able to claim free Polium One according to the brand:

“Yes, you can claim your free console if you still have a Polium Pass after the console is released. You will need to pay shipping costs. We will announce shipping information closer to the console release date. says Polium in its FAQ.

Tempting promises attracting a certain distrust of the project.

In addition, some point to several gray areas on the developers of the Polium One games or even the brand’s ability to release its project by 2025.



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