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Who is Rouja Ignatova, the Bulgarian “cryptoqueen”

She is the only Bulgarian to appear on the FBI’s list of the ten most wanted people in the world, notes the Bulgarian site of Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty in Sofia. The American sleuths have even promised a reward of 100,000 dollars (nearly 100,000 euros) for any information concerning Rouja Ignatova, better known as the “cryptoqueen” (the “queen of cryptocurrencies”), on the run since 2017, continues the site.

US authorities accuse him of participating in a series of financial scams. At the head of OneCoin, a company promoting a fictitious cryptocurrency, she and her brother Konstantin are said to have subtracted 4 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros) from the millions of people who believed in their new currency, capable of of “dethrone bitcoin in two years”, According to Rouja Ignatova. It would have been in fact a classic pyramid scheme, allowing its organizers to live the high life: offshore bank accounts, properties and cars



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