Who will dare to pay €43,000 to order their Tesla Roadster?

We don’t yet know the French price of Tesla’s new supercar, which will arrive in 2023. But you can order one, provided you pay €43,000 right away. Almost the price of a new Model 3.

Tesla’s range has grown considerably in recent years. While the Model 3 is still selling like hot cakes and the Model Y SUV is off to an excellent start, the large Model S and Model X will very soon return to the catalog in France in improved versions. From 2023, the Tesla range will also be reinforced by the incredible Cybertruck pick-up and the super-powerful Roadster supercar, which could well beat a Bugatti Chiron in acceleration.

We are still waiting to know the French price of this Tesla Roadster, but it is already possible to order it on the brand’s website. Provided you make a first payment of €4,000, then a second of €39,000 within ten days.

€43,000 on order

Remember that the total price of this new Tesla Roadster could approach or exceed €200,000. But if the performances announced by Elon Musk (0 to 100 km/h in around 2 seconds, maximum speed of more than 400 km/h) are true, it could be an unbeatable price-performance ratio in cars of sport.

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