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Why Google Cloud Beats AWS, Azure In Silicon Valley : CloudWerx

CloudWerx, one of Google Cloud’s fastest growing startup partners, tells CRN why Google Cloud outperforms AWS and Azure, and why CloudWerx bet on Google over the competition.

CloudWerx, a fast-growing startup, wins with Google Cloud

One of Google Cloud’s fastest-growing partners says its Silicon Valley customers are placing their bets on Google over Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, which helped CloudWerx earn Premier Partner status from Google Cloud faster than any other channel partner in history.

“We see a ton of it now in Silicon Valley where customers who are 100% AWS, they now want more leverage,” said Jason Geis, CEO and co-founder of CloudWerx. “Then once they start playing with Google, they love it. And once it enters, it continues to grow. »

CloudWerx, based in San Jose, Calif., is a cloud consulting startup that has staked its future on Google Cloud against AWS or Microsoft Azure.

The solution provider is focused on winning digital native businesses in California’s Silicon Valley region with a 100% customer retention rate. CloudWerx is on track to grow its annual revenue 10x in 2022, with Google Cloud sales accounting for the vast majority of sales.

Google Cloud market share

AWS is the world leader in cloud computing, holding around 33% of the global market in the first quarter of 2022, according to IT research firm Synergy Research Group.

Microsoft Azure is #2 with 22% global cloud market share, followed by Google Cloud at #3 with 10% share.

Betsy Reed, head of sales and marketing at CloudWerx, said Google Cloud currently offers best-in-class technology of any cloud provider in the market today.

“Obviously, Amazon is the leader. Then you have Azure, then Google comes in third. But it’s not because the product isn’t superior, it’s because they just hadn’t focused their effort and energy into selling and serving customers on their public cloud,” said said Reed, who co-founded the cloud startup. “Google now has, in our humble opinion, a best-in-class cloud platform with the Google Cloud Platform with the most native features, security and such. »

In an interview with CRN, Geis and Reed, who both have decades of experience in the IT and channel industry, discuss why Google Cloud is growing on AWS and Azur.



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